Collecting, processing, analysis and providing information on physical and legal entities.
Complex of the legal services provided to the organizations and individuals.
Tool kit promoting effectively to collect debt.

Many write on the Internet sites about what their company is the leader in the market in this or that segment (depending on a kind of activity of the company), or takes leading positions! There is an impression that all companies are leaders at the same time, or constantly dynamically develop! So doesn't happen!

The international Agency of Safety of Business never hid the real positions in the market of information services! MABB objectively estimates the possibilities and doesn't offer clients of what can't make or will make obviously badly! But those services which declares, carries out for 100 %.

From the basis of MABB improved the services, and worked over their quality. MABB essence, is analytical work for clients, but the analytics allows to trace and own work to reveal mistakes and blots. Self-criticism an important aspect in business. If you treat that you do objectively, and it is better critical and you work over mistakes, clients will be happy and to the company there will be no negative responses.

MABB works in the sphere of information services since 2005. The staff of the company, is people whom the result of their actions is important. All experts, and it is some tens people, work in MABB from the very beginning.

Clients of MABB it is the companies which understand that cost of check of contractors is cheaper than process of collecting debts.


MABB redeemed the rights of the requirement for debts of individuals from one of banks of Russia. Cost of a debt portfolio made 24.000.000 (twenty four) one million rubles, the general size of debts makes 84.000.000 (eighty four) one million rubles.

By estimates of experts of MABB, the profit on realization of measures for collecting will make not less than 20.000.000 (twenty million) rubles.

Now negotiations on purchase of a debt portfolio on legal entities of one more Russian bank are carried on. Cost of a discussed debt portfolio more than 500.000.000 (five hundred million) rubles.

Repayment of debts

Recently repayment of debts became a good exit from a difficult situation in which sometimes ourselves exhaust ourselves. Creditors who unsuccessfully lent, or invested the money in someone's project — it often ordinary people, average prosperity which expected to have percent from money which have also which don't work. As a rule, the creditor has two ways in the circumstances:

  1. To appeal to court;
  2. To sell a duty (the right of the requirement of a duty under the cession contract).

The second option represents the greatest interest as to wait for a judgment, with complete connivance of the respondent about five months (at the best) is necessary. Then, it is necessary to communicate with judicial police officers-performers.

Court enforcement officers are busy also each new executive production — torture and without "motivation" won't begin to work. Thus, having chosen the 1st option of return of a duty, you find yourselves on the long and expensive process which result most likely will be negative.

The respondent, having understood that against it judicial proceedings are initiated, will deduce all assets and to take from it there will be simply nothing. Sale is long — really good way out. The only thing of what it is necessary to think before duty sale — is its cost. It is necessary to estimate really cost of the debt which develops of various aspects.


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